3W 5W 10W 15W Steel Plastic Text Pattern Logo Qr UV Laser Marking Printing Machine

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 Application field of UV laser marking machine

Ultraviolet lasers have the advantages that other lasers do not have. They can limit thermal stress, reduce damage to the workpiece during processing, and maintain the integrity of the workpiece. At present, ultraviolet lasers are used in enterprise processing fields, mainly in four areas, glass crafts, ceramic crafts, plastic crafts, and cutting crafts.

Glass craft

Glass marking can be applied to glass bottle packaging in various industries such as wine bottles, seasoning bottles, beverage bottles, etc. It can also be used in the manufacture of glass craft gifts, crystal marking, etc.

laser cutting

Ultraviolet laser equipment can be used in many areas of flexible board production, including FPC profile cutting, contour cutting, drilling, cover film opening window, soft and hard board uncovering and trimming, mobile phone case cutting, PCB shape cutting and many more

Plastic marking

Application: Most general plastics and some engineering plastics, such as PP, PE, PBT, PET, PA, ABS, POM, PS, PC, PUS, EVA, etc., can also be used for plastic alloys such as PC/ABS and other materials, The handwriting marked by laser is clear and bright, and can mark black and white handwriting.

Ceramic carving

Application scope: tableware ceramics, vase ceramics, building supplies, ceramic sanitary ware, tea set ceramics, etc., UV laser ceramic marking, high peak value, small thermal effect, has natural advantages for similar ceramic fragile products, such as etching, engraving, cutting is not easy to damage The device and the process are precise, reducing the waste of resources.

General-purpose 3-10W water-cooled ultraviolet laser, using an optimized laser cavity, can obtain a high beam quality of more than 10W, stable output of 355nm ultraviolet laser; at the same time, a patented laser crystal fixture is used to avoid the high pump power of the laser crystal Under the phenomenon of explosion, improve the thermal stability of the laser; use high-quality imported pump source, UV laser spot energy is uniform, high roundness; laser head and power box can be separated, installation and maintenance is simple and convenient; through the introduction of no adjustment frame manufacturing process , The laser has reliable mechanical performance and can operate stably for a long time; according to the actual needs of customers, it can be equipped with an internal circulation cleaning system and a non-linear crystal point change system.

Product features of UV laser marking machine
1. Split design;
2. Strong mechanical stability ;
3. Strong resistance to external temperature interference;
4. High long-term working stability, 24/7 industrial applications;
5. CLASS 1000 dust-free workshop;
6. Rs232 remote computer control;
7. Good beam quality;
8. External TTL and PWM control;
9. The repetition frequency is adjustable from 10-150KHz.

Configuration of UV laser marking machine

SINO-Galvo Scanner has compact design, high positioning accuracy, higher marking speed, and strong anti-interference ability. In the process of dynamic marking, the marking line has high precision, distortion free, power uniform; pattern without distortion, the overall performance has reached the international leading level in the field. 
JPT M7 Mopa Fiber Laser Source
JPT M7 series high power pulsed fiber lasers make use of master oscillator power amplifier (MOPA) configuration, and show excellent laser performance as well as high level of temporal pulse shaping controllability. As compared to the Q-switching technology, the pulse repetition frequency (PRF) and pulse width can be controlled independently in MOPA configuration, through adjusting different combination of the above parameters, the peak power of laser can be well maintained. And enable JPT laser suitable for more material processing which Q-switch limited. The higher output power makes its advantages especially in high speed marking applications.

EZCAD software

EZCAD software is one of the most popular laser and galvo control software especially in the laser marking industry. With the proper controller, it is compatible with most of the industrial laser in the market: Fiber, CO2, UV, Mopa fiber laser... and digital laser galvo .

Fiber 3D Dynamic Focus Galvo Head

SINO-GALVO provide the whole 3D Scanning solutions (includes X&Y galvanometers, Z axis motor, control board, software and adapter cable), very user-friendly. The galvanometer motor, drive, control board, optical path design and upper software are all developed by our R&D team. Compact design, done the calibration of box and focal length before shipment and we provide the calibration method. 

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Technical Paramters:
Laser Power : 20W 50W 30W 100W,Laser Source: Raycus Max JPT,Marking Area : 110*110mm , 200*200mm 300*300mm,With Rotary Axis,With Computer,Application: Metal Marking
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